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Our clinic has been dealing with travel health protection, early diagnosis and treatment of imported infections since 1968. Thanks to the initiative of MUDr. Július Hrúzik, CSc., The Tropical Medicine and Travelers department was established as a part of University hospitals´ Infectious Diseases Clinic and has been transformed into the Tropical Medicine and Travelers Clinic since 2004.

The Team

Health care is ensured by specialist physicians:

Doc. MUDr. Dobrodenková Silviatropical medicine
MUDr. Krahulcová Jankarheumatology, internal medicine
Doc. MUDr. Kalavská Andreatropical medicine
MUDr. Sobotová Oľgainfectology, internal medicine
MUDr. Rozinová Ľubicatropical medicine, medical assessment, internal medicine
PhDr. Daniela Hudecováclinical psychology

Health care professionals:

Lukáčeková Boženahead nurse
Pobežalová Elenanurse
Zbončáková Evanurse
Černá Erikanurse
Bc. Uhrincová Oľganurse

Why Choose Us?

  • For more than 40 years, we have been dealing with travel medicine
  • Rich experience in prevention and treatment of tropical diseases ­
  • We actively take part on international congresses on infectious diseases and travel medicine
  • We are following incidence of infectious diseases in foreign countries daily as well as current outbreaks of new epidemics­
  • Contracted with all health insurance providers
  • We are members of International Society of Travel Medicine /ISTM/ and European Travel Medicine Network /EuroTravNet/

Why Choose Us?

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